Girls Education in India

Girls Education For a long, girls were denied access to Education, and today the situation has improved a lot, but challenges to girls’ Education remain. Almost all societies and countries treated women as less equal than men and denied them their rights. Even in developed countries like...

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We Have Become Blind to the Hungry

The Hunger Problem:  Hunger is a global problem, and we should not turn our backs towards it. On the contrary, each of us must do our bit to keep the hunger problem under check. The world’s population keeps on increasing, and the number of people suffering from poverty has also gone up. The...

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What is the Importance of Education

Definition of Education Generally speaking, education can be defined as the process of imparting and acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning at a school or similar institution. The Real meaning of Education Education is not limited to imparting and acquiring academic knowledge alone; as...

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