The Impact of Hunger on the Brain

The Impact of Hunger on the Brain

Preparing to Feed Hungry Hope Children on World Hunger Day

As World Hunger Day approaches on May 28, we want to help share some insights on the importance of food in a child’s life.

Children in poor rural communities, along with their parents, are not always able to make the connection between nutrition and brain development. However, the fact remains that children who do not eat well suffer a serious disadvantage for learning and high school graduation.

Here’s why:

The Impact of Hunger on the Brain - Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

Hunger leads to stress which modifies behavior and changes pathways in the brain-affecting decision making, as well as the ability to perceive risks.




The Impact of Hunger on the Brain - Delayed Development

Delayed Development

Hunger delays development on the cognitive, social, and emotional level of children. This includes reading, language, attention, memory, and problem-solving capabilities.



The Impact of Hunger on the Brain - Lack of Focus

Lack of Focus

Hunger hinders the ability to focus, study, and absorb material. Children who experience early childhood hunger are more likely to perform poorly in their academics and struggle to pass tests.



The Impact of Hunger on the Brain - Lower IQ

Lower IQ

Studies show that those faced with childhood hunger tend to have less developed brain matter than well-nourished children. A less developed brain leads to lower IQ.






Parents who send their children to Hope Learning Stations know that children will receive learning and enrichment opportunities. When they are in attendance, each child receives a protein-rich mini-meal, which is vital to their brain development.

There is no gift too small to make a difference when it comes to satiating hunger for nutrition and love. Every single meal is a blessing that eases physical and psychological pain.

The Impact of Hunger on the Brain - Dr. Pillai Quote

The world produces plenty of food to feed everyone. Help us feed 125,000 mini-meals to Hope Elderly, Children, and their families by World Hunger Day (May 28). Each $1 donated feeds 5 mini-meals.

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