Dr. Pillai’s Messages of Hope | A Guru’s Grace Series

Dr. Pillai’s Messages of Hope | A Guru’s Grace Series

Message #1 Overflow with Compassion

“Feeling for another Soul, – whether it is an animal, or a human soul, participate in their suffering, and feel for them. The minute you feel for them, and try to relieve it, you will experience a great joy.  Dr. Pillai

Message #2 The Soul Impact of Feeding the Hungry

“If you just go and give a piece of bread and a cup of orange juice to someone who is really dying of hunger….the soul is going to leave if the soul doesn’t have that piece of bread and cup of orange juice.  It will stay in the body, and that act has a tremendous amount of merit. Just providing meals to those people of course will satisfy their thirst and hunger, but then we have to do something at the soul level.”  Dr. Pillai

Message #3: God’s Blessings for an Abundant Life

“God will give you more money than what you need if you want to share it with the poor people. Get into the practice of associating with material thoughts as though you are enjoying them with the poor people. God will be immensely pleased.  If everyone practiced this, the entire world would change!” – Dr. Pillai

Message#4: Compassion Brings Ancestral Blessings

“The most important thing is to relieve the suffering of the other person. Then you can get the blessings of gods, goddesses, and your ancestors. Whatever happens to you happens to your ancestors’ souls, and what happens to your ancestors’ souls happens to you.” – Dr. Pillai

Message#5: 6 Principles to Live Our Best Lives

“1. Love Everyone. 2. Help everyone. If you love and help everyone, you will have everything. 3. Never speak ill of anyone. 4. Your personal conduct and character is what matters the most. 5. Trust God. 6. Be Pure at Heart.” – Dr. Pillai

A Gift for Dr. Pillai: 100,000 Meals to Feed the Hungry

Leading up to Guru Purnima on July 20, we aim to serve 100,000 Hot Meals of Hope in India, South Africa, and the United States as a gift for Dr. Pillai.

Every $1 provides approximately 2.5 meals to someone in need. Thank you for being a Hope Ambassador!

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