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We love to hear your feedback and experiences of the joy of giving, connecting with our Hope communities in gratitude, and creating Heaven on Planet Earth!

Supporting a child who comes from extreme poverty and disempowerment and uplifting him to the diametrical opposite of empowered leadership (within His community to begin with) leaves me so inspired. It is not about sustenance, survival, or coping like how it works with a government scheme, but about empowerment.

I would love for people to know that Hope Stations are run most economically. I have served and worked with many NGOs in my life, and the amount of money that trickles down to the grassroots (as a percentage of what is donated) is the metric to look for, as a donor. When I fundraise for Tripura, I feel awesome when I help people get in touch with their intrinsic generosity. That little reunion with their intrinsic generosity helps people feel much better about themselves and their lives. It adds a certain anchor of meaning, a dose of self-esteem, and re-experience of their limitless divinity.

– Krishna Bhaavin Shah

We are so impressed with Rohit’s story. He has become a remarkable human being. We are glad to hear that he has become an excellent teacher and as such he is supporting so many children. It is also so great to hear his support for his family and community. To learn that he expresses his gratitude to members of Tripura and Dr. Pillai is very nice and important. Please give him our warm wishes and congratulations for becoming such a wonderful human being. We send our congratulations and love to all the teachers and all the staff at Tripura. Best wishes to you all.

~ Daniel and Veronica

I love seeing the beautiful drawings that the children do. They are very special and touch my heart. God bless you all. Thank you.”
~ Linda Levy

I am grateful to Babaji [Dr. Pillai] and your institution for the rest of my life. Please keep doing the good work.

~ Mavinder

I am so touched to see the children develop skills on gratitude, nurturing and serving others while also getting academic education. In my world where I don’t need to think of basic necessities, I am grateful for the reminder of how much even small things like pulses can mean to some children in the world.

Sheetal Bagde

Hope elders

Thank you so very much for such a detailed and beautiful Hope for the Elderly report. We are mere channels, and so glad that help can flow through us. God bless these souls who are left with no help and such few resources. A heartfelt thank you to you for all your work.

- Krushna Bagde

I remember how beautifully Dr. Pillai taught me that miracles happen when we feed hungry people- this is true. Donating to Tripura Foundation is one way to thank for the Heaven-sent blessings. If you read this, you are guided to think about feeding hungry people and praying for people in need.
- Joel Saastamoinen


Thank You soo much for the amazing gift that u are to the world. I’m very grateful for the possibility to contribute. Thank You.

- Gabriele Aigner

This is so touching and I am so gratified that Hope Elder, Devappa, is living an improved life and that he has made friends! I am happy to be a HOPE donor and your reports bring a smile to my face everytime I receive them.
- Samuel Jang

Hope elders

Thank you! I am so happy to receive this progress report. I am glad to see children and the teachers doing so well in the center. 

- Samantha

“Thank you so much for compiling and sending this precious report.”

- Umesh Lavrenic


I was inspired to facilitate a special feast for the Hope children by listening one of Babaji’s [Dr. Pillai’s] talks where he mentions that by alleviating hunger of the poor people, you open yourself to the grace of the divine. It is so fulfilling for me to be able to let the kids enjoy a nice meal, I feel this is one of the best usages of my resources. Highly encourage everyone to participate in this process!

- Timmy (Narada) Sarker

Thanks for the update, glad to hear the children are still receiving the support they need from all your fantastic employees. Sorry to hear the schools are still closed and I fervently hope they reopen asap. They can count on my support into the future.

- Owen Magnier

Hope Wall
I read these reports that you so kindly send, and marvel at the dependently arising nature of creation and Destiny. How oceans away the elder that I sponsor and I came to know of each other, a relationship born of a vision. She too has brought me happiness and wonder. Thank you.
- Dharma Dharini

I was inspired by a sharing from one of our community members who wrote about how her consistent n faithful tithing has brought so many miracles in her life. Indeed, we too have been blessed by Babaji [Dr. Pillai] n his teachings n more than anything else, it just makes me so happy to feed people!
- Shireen

Hope Wall
Hope Wall

Thank you so much for providing this wonderful report. Tears came to my eyes, especially in this period in which I care for my own elderly mother and in-laws. Every day I see how difficult old age, being disabled it is for some people …I am very grateful for the update and send Blessings to all of you who are part of making this happen!

- Inez Vermeulen

Thank you for sharing this. I am truly honored to be a part of these kids’ thoughts and I am impressed with the Hope model and how it is transforming the lives of others. Many thanks to you and your team for your hard work and to kids for their participation and the love and joy they radiate. Please tell the kids that I said hello and I wish them success.
- Sriram Pappula

Wall of hope
Thank you so much! It is a lovely birthday message. I love you all and hope that HOPE thrives during these difficult times. I look forward to the day I can come visit you in person.
- Barbara Treadwell

Thanks so much for all the time and focus needed to create this lovely quarterly report. It is so attractive and interesting and easy to read. It is full of lots of happy faces and good news! I am happy to help support such a wonderful and life changing organization. You are making a big difference in so many young lives. And now many of those children have matured and are giving back to our world in wonderful ways. Thanks so much for all you do and the difference you are making in our world!
- Tara Dunning

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