Million Meals of HoPE

Our Million Meals of HoPE program works to get food into the hands of people who need it most. Low overhead costs and heroic partners and volunteers allow us to feed 5 meals for every $1 we receive. Since July 2013, we have been able to feed over 8 million love-filled meals to hungry people each year… read more

HoPE for the Elderly

Elderly people need to work simply to survive until the day they die. 75% of the elderly population in India are from a marginalized class of society. Most end up in absolute destitution in the last years of their lives when they have neither the capacity nor ability to work… read more

HoPE Learning Centers

HoPE Centers are after-school centers where severely impoverished children from rural Indian communities are provided with Phonemic Intelligence training, a nutritious mini-meal, yoga, personal transformation lessons, love and support for a HoPE filled future and a new positive identity… read more

Phonemic Intelligence

Our Phonemic Intelligence Program is the essence of over 25 years of research and development. Between research conducted by Brain Science International and Harvard Medical School, to almost two decades of field testing, Phonemic Intelligence has demonstrated its ability to produce phenomenal results in a relatively short amount of time… read more

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