Childhood Poverty in India

4 Million children between 6-11 are not enrolled in school

  • 1 in 4 children are malnourished
  • 3,000 children die each day from food related illness

Challenges in Indian Education

Shortage of government funding

  • High drop-out rates
  • Not enough schools
  • Lack of qualified teachers

Illiteracy Causes

High child mortality rates

  • Poverty
  • Malnutrition
  • Poor Health
Hope Centers are the most effective way out of the poverty trap.”

- Tripura Founder, Dr. Baskaran Pillai

Hope Learning Center 2019 Campaign

Hope Centers are after-school centers where severely impoverished children from rural Indian communities are provided with Phonemic Intelligence
, a nutritious mini-meal, yoga, personal transformation lessons, love and support for a Hope filled future and a new positive identity. It is not just the children who transform; they bring their knowledge to the village and transform the community. We currently work in and fund 71 Hope Learning Centers across nine states in India.

We launched our 2019 Campaign to bring Hope, education, personal transformation, love and a better future to 1000 children and their communities in 7 states in India.

You can help. Join us on our mission and help us raise $126,000 to bring heaven on earth.

Hope Learning Center

Percent of Indian children drop-out of school by age 13

Percent of Indian children are malnourished

Million illiterate people in India


Children who grow up in severely impoverished rural communities of India have little chance of happiness. They lack the basic necessities and support to maintain their health and their education. Hopeless, they often follow in the footsteps of family members who lead lives of hard labor, begging or fall victim to an early death.


Hope Centers provide the poorest children of rural Indian communities a safe-haven for development. Each after-school center hosts an innovative curriculum as well as basic necessities including nutrition, love and support. Many of our students have gone on to college with a real opportunity to leave their poverty roots behind and bring back positive and sustainable change back to their communities.

Hope Learning Centers

Hope Centers Open

Active Students

Sponsored Centers

Centers Need Sponsors

What Happens at A Hope Center?

Our Hope Centers help children in need transform into the best that they can be- highly intelligent, positive and compassionate individuals who give back to their communities.

On a regular basis, they are given:

Increase Levels of Academic Achievement
Mini-meals food to provide protein and nutrition they do not receive at home.
Lower School Drop Out Rate
Dr. Pillai’s innovative Phonemic Intelligence technology, a brain changing technology that unlocks the latent intelligence living inside us all.
Early Caring and Learning Environments
Loving support and positive social interaction with other Hope children, our selfless volunteers and visiting donors.
Increased Access to Education
Guided yoga exercises to give them both mental and physical strength.
Special Attention to Rural Girls
Compassionate life skills we inculcate through regular community volunteering, encouragement, and recognition of compassionate behaviors and actions.

Hope Learning Center Activities and Celebrations

We provide a well-rounded curriculum for our Hope Learning Center students that offers them opportunities to explore, celebrate and grow in a safe and loving environment.  Your support is what makes these activities possible.  Donations for activities go towards classroom supplies, instructors, field trip entry fees and bus costs (when applicable).

Where Do Your Donations Go?


Goes to Education


Goes to Meals


Goes to Clothing


Goes to Admin and Fees

Latest Hope Learning Center Stories

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Make a Difference in these Children’s Lives!

Sponsor one child to attend a Hope Learning Center for $10 per month or choose to sponsor more children. Give $60 or more each month and you qualify to join a Hope Learning Center Sponsorship team that supports an entire center. Learn more about Team Sponsorship

Want to Sponsor an Entire Center?

Sponsor a complete Hope Learning Center for $350 per month for 40+ children. Sponsorship includes daily mini meals, PI education, yoga, support for school work, character building lessons, vocational training opportunities, and local field trips.

You will receive a quarterly report from the Hope Center to keep you involved and updated about the impact your gift makes.