Assam Flood Relief- June 2022

Assam Flood Relief- June 2022

In June 2022, when India started witnessing the arrival of rain, the state of Assam experienced harmful effects of heavy rainfall, which resulted in floods. The harsh weather impacted most regions of this state and some of the poorest families.

Impact of Floods on Hope Learning Stations

This natural disaster also impacted children attending our Hope Learning Stations. Seeing them and their families suffering and crying for help during this crisis was heart-wrenching. Although Assam is a state prone to floods, this year, it has deeply affected the population much more than ever. The teacher’s and children’s houses were filled with 5 to 6 feet of water. Their rations and other valuables got destroyed due to the water-filled inside the homes. Even it became difficult for them to drink clean water as it vanished with the flooded water.

Communities in Need

This natural disaster also affected the work and the education in the area. Parents were unable to leave their homes or go to work. Teachers halted Hope Learning Station classes for some days until the spaces were cleaned and cleared. Families had nothing to eat for days as all the rations vanished with the flood. Whatever small quantities were left were used to eat once a day. There were no places for families to sleep as water filled the floor; hence it also disturbed sleeping conditions affecting their health, which resulted in colds and fevers. Stress and uncertainty also impact the mental health of some family members.

This problematic situation not just affected the physical health of children and their families but also their mental health. Survival became a big question for these people. Stress and fear were increasing daily with the rising water inside the houses.

Support Our Hope Children and Their Families

Nearly 141 children from 5 of our Hope Learning Stations and their families were affected by this flood. Today, even when the condition is slowly improving, these poor people are left with no food items. They do not have sufficient money even to purchase a new ration as during the past many days they had no work and hence have earned no wage with which they could buy any groceries. The support of ration and hygiene kits for our Hope Children and their families in such a crisis will help them slowly overcome these challenging times.

Following is the data of children affected by the flood Name of Center Total no. of Students
1 Naligaon 27
2 Aanandpura 36
3 Bhaskar Nagar 25
4 Hazipara 26
5 Mahatoli 27

Assam Flood Relief- June 2022