Clothes + Sleep Mats for Seniors

Clothes + Sleep Mats for Seniors

Plight of the Seniors

The number of senior people being abandoned and left uncared for is on the rise in India. Many senior citizens are facing this fate due to lack of support from their children or because of not having a biological heir.

The lack of support and loneliness causes mental agony to the seniors and they end up spending their lives in despair. It is a social responsibility for each one of us to do our part in making the seniors comfortable.

Tripura Foundation is doing is best to help the elders left in the lurch. We have several programs that cater to the needs of these people.  Tripura Foundation organises medical camps, distributes food provisions and sends volunteers to spend quality time with them.

Along with the aforesaid initiatives, Tripura Foundation is also distributing Clothes + Sleep Mats for the seniors once in a year.

Clothes + Sleep Mats for Seniors

You all know well that Tripura Foundation is distributing monthly food kit to poor and abandoned seniors who find it difficult to manage themselves without proper support. We later decided to donate sleeping mats to these seniors as they do not have enough money to buy them.

Accordingly, once a year, we under our Hope for the Elderly program distribute Sleep mats for Seniors in addition to a monthly food kit. With the Corona pandemic affecting the normal lives of people for close to two years, the financial condition of people doesn’t look encouraging and financial condition of the seniors has gone from bad to worse due to this global pandemic.

When our Hope team went to deliver the Monthly Food Kit we found that the elders are suffering due to the pandemic and are in dire need of a basic set of clothes. We decided to set right the situation by gifting them clothes and sleeping mats.

Give Life-Saving Hope to a Senior

Tripura Foundation is extending the Sleep Mats for Seniors drive to include the distribution of sleep mats or clothes based on which item each senior needs most.

Hope for the Elderly sponsors are truly a saving grace for abandoned or ailing elders living in poor, rural communities. 35 seniors are waiting to be matched with a sponsor.

Already a Hope for the Elderly Sponsor?

If your Hope sponsorship is coming up for renewal, this is the perfect time to make sure the senior adopted by you under our Seniors program is receiving this once yearly distribution and can continue to count on their monthly food kit.

Just donate $40/month or go for an one-time donation of $480/year to support a senior. The amount will be sufficient to support a senior. It you would like to support with a yearly or quarterly donation for multiple seniors, you can speak directly with a Donor Relations Manager at .

Tripura Foundation would like to thank you for your kind contribution to our efforts in making Life more comfortable for the seniors. Please check our page for more information.