What is the Importance of Education

Definition of Education Generally speaking, education can be defined as the process of imparting and acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning at a school or similar institution. The Real meaning of Education Education is not limited to imparting and acquiring academic knowledge alone; as...

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Programs of the Tripura Foundation

Tripura Foundation  Dr. Pillai is a new-age philosopher whose primary aim is to remove the suffering of the people. He advocates that one of the noblest and greatest acts a person can do is to change the destiny of a soul with education or share a meal with someone hungry. In 1989, Dr.Pillai...

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The joy of giving

What is meant by ‘joy of giving’ The joy of giving is the act of deriving pleasure by helping those who require help. In this world, we come across people who have more than they need and people who don’t get what they need; giving helps to strike a balance between the haves and...

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