Honoring Father Figures

Honoring Father Figures

On Father’s Day each year, we take time to recognize and feel gratitude toward the men in our lives who have raised us and love us. It is said that the Moon represents the mind. And as Dr. Pillai’s quote says above, our minds are not different from our father’s, as we are deeply connected with our family lineage at a DNA level. Father’s Day 2022 falls on a Full Moon day, making it all the more powerful a time for honoring your connection with your father and your ancestral lineage. It is also an important day to honor and invoke God as the Father Figure, who embodies infinite compassion and infinite intelligence.

Despite the Loss of her Father, a Hope Child Thrives as a Budding Young Leader

When Nilgris Hope student Sangeetha’s father died due to a road accident five years back, her mother instantly became the breadwinner of the family. But her family was not without struggles; they found themselves in constant need of the basics, such as food rations and clothing.

Despite the challenges, education remained a top priority for Sangeetha.

While she had no interest in studies previously, the dedicated Hope staff never gave up on her. They provided her with responsibilities and invited her to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. As a result, Sangeetha started to enjoy her learning experiences, spending most of her time at the HLS.

Hope student Sangeetha

Sangeetha is now in the 12th class and is exhibiting a range of leadership abilities.

She assists other children in their studies by imparting her knowledge on various subjects and instructing them in the same way her Kattabettu HLS teacher taught her.

Aside from teaching other Hope Children, Sangeetha’s most favorite skills are sketching and drawing. She has ranked among the highest scores in school and she hopes to make her mother and Hope staff even more proud of her future endeavors.

What Lays Ahead for Hope Children?

Inspired by Dr. Pillai’s vision to create an enriching and fulfilling program where Hope Children can become intelligent future leaders, Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Station staff have been crafting a project like no other since the beginning of 2022.

We are almost ready to announce it…

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter, where we’ll share the details in our official launch of Dr. Pillai’s latest project in support of student leadership! Until then…