Why Phonemic Intelligence?

PI is the only educational technology that addresses and improves the practitioner’s brain functionality creating significant and sustainable positive change.

What is Phonemic Intelligence?

Phonemic Intelligence is a revolutionary educational-technology that uses phonemes, the smallest units of language, to activate key areas of the brain associated with intellectual, emotional and social intelligence.

How Does Phonemic Intelligence Work?

Within seconds, Phonemic Intelligence can increase the blood flow of brain areas associated with preoperational intelligence, behavior and compassion.

Active Schools

Students Participating

Years of Development

Phonemic Intelligence is Intelligence Enhancing Education

For over 25 years, PI practitioners of all ages have reported significant and often dramatic improvement in enthusiasm for learning, personal development and harmonious behavior. A major impact of Pl is in the social and behavioral domain of awakening love, empathy, and compassion.

Besides a feeling of self-fulfillment from their practice, PI participants have reported greater social responsibility towards their family members and increased community involvement.

Tripura teaches PI technology to impoverished children in our Hope Centers in India, as well as public and private schools in 4 different countries.

Phonemic Intelligence

Demonstrated Benefits

Improved academic performance

Compassionate social behavior

Increased happiness & optimism

Improved self-regulatory skills

Increased confidence & self-esteem

Enhanced focus and concentration

Improved comprehension

Reduced stress & anxiety

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Phonemic Intelligence Vision

“My vision for PI is that it emerges as a widely-accepted academic discipline that is a brain-based educational technology capable of not only enhancing the intelligence potential of both children and adults, but also creates and nurtures compassion.”
– Dr. Pillai

What People Are Saying

Incidences of misbehavior are at an all-time low and there is a calmness that has permeated the building all year. My students are happy and appear to have the ability to problem solve in a more acceptable manner as well as articulate a deeper understanding of their feelings.
Lisa Fernandez

Principal, PS 119 Amersfort Peace Builders Brooklyn, NY

Before practicing Pl, I was unable to concentrate. I felt disturbed, and when I used to sit and study I used to either fall asleep or look outside the window and daydream. I used to study for no more than thirty minutes at a time. After practicing Pl, now I am able to study for at least two hours straight. I am now able to complete what I start.

11th Grade Student Goa, India

I used to have a lot of anxiety and not be able to slow down the thoughts in my mind. I have been practicing PI exercises almost everyday for 3 years. The exercises make me feel calm immediately, and bring me to a state of peace. From this state of mind, it is easier to concentrate and focus.
Alice Moore