A Birthday Appeal From Mohini

A Birthday Appeal From Mohini

Dearest Friend,

Please join us in love to present a special birthday gift to Dr. Pillai. What is very close to Dr. Pillai’s heart is feeding those who are truly hungry.

Nowadays, many of Dr. Pillai’s children in India are hungry. During the ongoing pandemic, Tripura Foundation has brought our Hope Station educational program to more and more children in dire need in India.

Because their parents have lost income as daily wage laborers and struggle to feed their families, the children are hungry and ask us for food.

We invite you, as a beloved member of our Tripura Family, to step in for the children and fill one of the 135 available Mini-Meal Sponsor spots. 

In this way, you make sure that every month an entire Hope Station of children is fed, six times every week. 

I request you to share whatever you can to help us feed Dr. Pillai’s children and honor him in the most meaningful way for his birthday.

Any amount will go a long way in bringing nutritious food to these wonderful children, our Hope Angels. Whether you sign up to give a recurring $40 per month gift to them, or you give a one-time donation, the extension of your compassion will reach them.

Their souls will bless you most beautifully, along with Divine blessings. Dr. Pillai says that God comes to you when you feed the hungry. And you will have the blessing of giving the gift of true joy to Dr. Pillai.

Love and Light, 


Elaine “Mohini” Kueper, Global Director

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