Hope Superstar Saisha | I Have Learned Many Things That Have Changed My Life

Hope Superstar Saisha | I Have Learned Many Things That Have Changed My Life

Saisha Maulingkar is studying in standard 3rd at Government Primary School Bottor, Goa. She lives with her parents. Her father is a daily wage worker, and her mother is a housewife. Saisha is an excellent example of how attending Hope Station classes helps children not only improve their studies but also develop much-needed qualities to become good citizens in their communities.

Saisha, when she joined her Hope Station, was very shy and had no confidence.

She also wasn’t doing well academically and needed improved handwriting. However, despite these challenges, Saisha was already a shining star, with her endearing eagerness and curiosity to learn. 

Saisha never missed practicing Phonemic Intelligence and even practiced consistently at home

She was very curious about the various components taught at her Hope Station, especially the creative activities. By participating in celebrations, creative activities, and especially the Student Leadership program, Saisha has developed a sense of responsibility and a newfound sense of confidence. 

Saisha’s studies and handwriting have improved under her teacher’s kind attention and with her regular practice.

Today, even at a young age, Saisha takes her responsibilities seriously, such as helping her parents and others and doing her homework on time. Saisha says she is proud to be a part of Hope Learning Station, where she learns many new things that have already changed her life. 

Saisha, from Shining Star, you have become a Hope Superstar!

We applaud your efforts in transforming yourself from a shy child into a responsible and confident young lady. May your love and curiosity to learn be with you always.

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