Corporate Partnerships
Hope Together, Hope for All
Hope Together, Hope for All Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships: Hope Together, Hope for All

Tripura Foundation invites you and your business to take one step forward to create Hope and Food For All for those in the greatest need and do something to uplift another soul.

Dr. Pillai teaches one of the highest acts we can do is to share God’s Love and bring upliftment and joy to a person in need.

Hope Together, Hope for All Partnerships

We have launched a membership initiative, Hope Together, Hope for All Partnerships, aimed at your business or corporate contributors of all size, allowing you to make regular gifts to suit your budget while bringing the greatest blessing to you, your business, clients, and employees.

With three tiers of membership to choose from and an opportunity to customize your Corporate Partnership with us, your business can enjoy a range of benefits and opportunities while making a profound change in the lives and futures of marginalized children and serving meals to those who are hungry in India and around the world.

In addition, we will recognize your Hope Together, Hope for All corporate partnership in social media shout-outs and on our website throughout the year.

Hope Together, Hope for All Partnerships

Bronze – $5,000

Partnership benefits:

  • Receive a Tripura Foundation tool kit for your business communications and marketing.
  • Dedication options and specific prayers for your business and employees.
  • Regular reporting on the impact of our partnership.

Silver – $10,000

Partnership benefits:

  • All Bronze partnership benefits +
  • Opportunity to present special offers from your business, direct to our Tripura family.
  • Invitation to see our work in action.

Gold – $25,000

Partnership benefits:

  • All Bronze and Silver partnership benefits +
  • Bi-annual Press Release.
  • Business retreat available after one full year of contributions and interact with those you are supporting. Accommodation, meals, and tour guide provided.


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