Join a Community of Recurring Givers Committed to a Better World

Recurring givers are at the heart of Tripura Foundation as a lifeline to thousands of marginalized children and elderly in remote, rural villages in India.

Why Give Monthly

A donation of any kind is always a precious gift for someone in need. Recurring donations help us to establish new Hope Communities with confidence, knowing that children have the ongoing support they need to fully complete their transformational journey. A monthly gift allows us to invest in the futures of Hope Children by delivering one-of-a-kind Hope curriculum tailored to the special needs of marginalized children.

Join a like-minded group of Recurring Givers committed to being change-makers in the world and receive regular updates from your Hope Children, Hope Elder, or Hope Center and to see the impact of your love and generosity.

Where Do Donations Go?

Your gift is worth a lifetime of happiness for the children and elders of our programs. Here are just a few of the ways they will receive your life-changing gifts.

  • Nutritious mini-meals delivered in Hope Learning Stations to alleviate hunger.
  • Academic support and leadership development taught by loving teachers from local villages.
  • Monthly food and hygiene kits for abandoned and destitute elderly.
  • Joyous holiday celebrations that children and elders would otherwise be unable to experience.

Emergency resources and essentials as needed during monsoon and heatwave seasons, such as blankets, clothing, sleep mats, rain coats, and hats.

How Much Should I Give?

On average, Recurring Givers donate between $12-$350 every month to Hope Learning Stations. Their contributions support children by providing them with monthly enrollment in our programs. Their gifts help fund teacher stipends and even provide the elderly with necessary food rations.

Monthly Sponsorship Opportunities

Hope for the Elderly Sponsorship

  • $40/month
  • Sponsors one elder with a Food & Hygiene Kit
  • Receive a quarterly report with photos

Hope Learning Center Sponsorship

  • $350/month
  • Sponsors 35-40 children with attendance at one Hope Station
  • Receive a quarterly report with photos
  • Hope Sponsor Facebook Group
  • Daily prayers by Hope children for your health and well-being
  • Birthday greetings from Hope children

Hope Child Sponsorship

  • $10/month
  • Sponsors one child with attendance at a Hope Station
  • Receive a monthly update

Mini-Meals for Hope Stations Sponsorship

  • $40/month
  • Sponsors 35-40 children with mini-meals 6 days p/week
  • Receive a monthly update

How We Build Together

We commit to keeping you informed with regular updates sent to your email, we provide photos, stories, and video updates so that you can see the impact of your gift. Hope Children get to know their donor by name, praying daily for their well-being and sending their heartfelt gratitude.

We are here to also serve our donors. If there is an opportunity for us to partner with your organization or company through our Matching Gifts Program, or if you simply have a question regarding how you would like for your gift to be utilized via Donor-Advised Funds, you can contact our Donor Relations Manager, Karen at

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