Where We Serve

Tripura is a global organization dedicated to providing Phonemic Intelligence and life skills training through school and enrichment programs to those who need it most. We concentrate our implementation efforts in areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact. We manage efficiently and effectively ensuring maximum investment in our programs.   For every $1 Tripura Foundation receives, 87 cents goes directly to our programs.

  • We invest locally hiring and empowering local teams to run our HoPE Learning Centers and Super Intelligence school programs.
  • We build community capacity by empowering a growing pool of local young talent through Phonemic Intelligence training.
  • We improve education programs by continuously tracking our results through ongoing research, monitoring and evaluation.
Our largest and most rapidly growing initiatives are located in the US, India and Mexico with plans to expand bringing transformational educational opportunities to every community throughout the developing world. We believe all children, regardless of socio-economic background, should be enabled to reach their highest potential and contribute to their community and the world at large.