Be An Angel of Hope | 12 Elders In Need of Sponsorship

Be An Angel of Hope | 12 Elders In Need of Sponsorship

Celebrate 10 Years Of Hope For The Elderly By Becoming A Sponsor

We are very happy and grateful that our Hope for the Elderly program has been going strong since 2013! In the past 10 years, we have supported 795 impoverished and neglected elders in rural India. This program grew out of the love and compassion of children in our Hope Learning Centers. They wanted to deliver meals and basic necessities, such as clothing, to destitute elders in their communities. Today, our Hope children continue to actively participate in relieving the sufferings of these elders. This, indeed, is compassion in action!

The Plight Of The Elders Waiting For Sponsorship

Currently, we have the opportunity to sponsor 12 elders in the Hope for the Elderly program. What these elders have in common includes living alone without any support from their family. Due to poor health and aging, they no longer have the strength and stamina to work. Some of these elders have no source of income, while a few receive a minuscule pension from the government. It is only 1000 rupees (about US $12) per month. This is not enough to provide these elders with daily necessities such as food, clothing, medicine, and shelter. They usually live in mud huts or other dilapidated dwellings that provide little protection from the elements. In addition to living without electricity, these elders live in fear that their huts will be destroyed during the rainy season.

You Can Be An Important Part Of The Solution

You can make a huge difference in these poor elders’ lives by becoming their sponsor. Every month our Hope Team of volunteers, including our Hope children, deliver a Food and Hygiene Kit to the elder you sponsor. The Kit includes basic necessities, such as rice, peas, cooking oil, bath soap, toothpaste, and pain relieving gel. In addition to delivering the Kit right to their door, our caring volunteers also spend time visiting with the isolated and lonely elders. This recurring monthly support provides the elders with much-needed assurance that their basic needs will be provided for. Your generosity and support also gives hope to these vulnerable elders; it’s a great comfort knowing that they have not been forgotten. With your help, they can live with dignity instead of poverty.

Compassion In Action

You can become a Guardian Angel of an elder by donating  a recurring $40 a month, or making a one-time donation of $480 to sponsor an elder for 12 months. 

As a sponsor, you will receive quarterly reports about your elder. These reports contain photos and short updates directly from the elders as to how they are doing. It is incredibly rewarding and heartwarming when you notice the improvements in your elder’s health and spirit. Let’s join Dr. Pillai’s work to end world hunger and suffering.