Hope Short Stories: Spring 2022 Rations Distribution Update

Hope Short Stories: Spring 2022 Rations Distribution Update

Delivering rations to poor children in need is an essential part of our programs. We invite you to read a few stories about how much rations kits impact Hope Children’s lives. To become a recurring sponsor of our Hope Children, click here..

Maharashtra Student Aakash Shares “Hope Rations” With His Grandparents

Maharashtra Student Aakash Shares “Hope Rations” With His Grandparents12-year-old Aakash lives with his grandparents, as his own parents moved out of the state for work. His parents work as laborers, depending on their daily wages, and travel from one place to another looking for work. Aakash is a young boy, but he helps his grandparents do household chores while waiting for his parents to arrive. It can take his parents months or even years to come back to visit their son.

When Akash received the rations kit from Tripura Foundation, he became emotional and started crying. His grandparents also became emotional because while his parents send them money, it’s usually not enough to help them.

While Akash felt lonely initially, he now enjoys his days at Hope Learning Stations, where he can obtain fresh and healthy food. He would be used to pray to God for good food for himself and his grandparents, and he believes that God heard him and gave him this great gift. Aakash thanks Hope Sponsors for his rations kit, and his grandparents also send the donor blessings. They can feel the love that Hope Sponsors have for their grandson.

Karnataka’s Hope Student Kartik Now Enjoys His Childhood

Karnataka’s Hope Student Kartik Now Enjoys His Childhood11-year-old Kartik lives with his grandparents. His parents work in a neighboring state – his father works as a mason, and his mother is a laborer at the same construction site.

Kartik, who does not see his parents regularly, helps his elderly grandparents, especially his grandfather, whose vision is failing. His grandmother also has some health issues. Neither grandparent can work. Kartik takes care of them by helping them with all the household work. Kartik sometimes feels sad because he profoundly misses his parents and cannot enjoy his childhood days with his parents.

He cannot play with other children as he is always busy doing chores. However, he is good at studying and sincerely loves his grandparents. After receiving the rations kit, Kartik became very happy. It was a great joy for him and his elders.

Kartik’s school teacher and other villagers always appreciated the boy as he is poor yet understands his family condition. Rations kits are helping him to enjoy his childhood just a little more.

He thanked the donor who helped him to enjoy some happy moments with his grandparents. His grandparents have also blessed the donor and said that according to their age, they have some health issues, and Kartik is the only one who will take care of them. They were happy that the donor thought about Karik and supported him, which is an excellent gift for them all.

Karnataka Student Vaidehi Received Food for Seven

Karnataka Student Vaidehi Received Food for SevenVaidehi is a 10-year-old girl who lives with her grandparents. She is very active and talkative. She enjoys spending time at her Hope Learning Station during the day, yet when evening comes, her eyes become full of tears as she misses her parents. Her mother and father live in another place for work, a sacrifice they make to give their child a bright future.

Vaidehi’s grandparents are quite elderly yet still work as laborers to support their families.

Vaidehi is an intelligent girl. She always smiles but sometimes feels sad and starts crying when she sees other children with their families at school or the market. She also helps her grandparents with household work. Her parents return home after every two years. She does not have a proper home and faces many problems in the rainy season and winters.

When Vaidehi received the rations kit, she was happy and started jumping. This was a great gift because she could now enjoy a good meal with all seven of her family members.

The rations kit not only helped her to improve her health but also enhanced her self-confidence. She attends Hope Learning Station programs daily, where she can enjoy time with her friends. She thanked the donor who gave her many things as a gift. Her grandparents are also happy to see this rations kit for her. They had never received anything like this before from their family. They also blessed the donor who thought about Vaidehi with the gift of a much-needed rations kit.

10-year Old Satish in Karnataka Shares a Meal With His Aunt

10-year Old Satish in Karnataka Shares a Meal With His AuntSatish is a ten years old boy who lives with his aunt. His parents live and work out of state working as daily wage laborers. They return to their son only during festivals once every two years.

He and his aunt live in a tiny house that is not in good condition. Every day he helps her with household work, but sometimes, when she goes out for some labor work with other women in her village, he does all the household work by himself. This means he is unable to go out to play with his friends.

Attending Hope Learning Stations enables him to learn new skills that are taught there. However, Satish sometimes has health issues as he does all the work and becomes too weak to participate fully in class.

The separation between him and his parents is an emotional pain too heavy to bear. He cannot afford to spend extra time with his friends because he must go home each day to help his aunt, who loves and cares for him as if he were her own son.

When Satish received the rations kit, he and his aunt were pleased because now he could eat tasty, fresh food. This rations kit gave him the joy and confidence that even though his parents were not living with him, God had sent someone who thought about him enough to help him enjoy his childhood a little bit. He feels that this rations kit fills the void of missing his parents and symbolizes the love his parents have for him.

In heartfelt gratitude, Satish’s aunt blessed the donor who had thought of Satish. Satish has also conveyed gratitude to the donor for the love and care he received through receiving the rations kit.

Kit Reminds Maharashtra Student Varsha’s Family of Her Late Father

Kit Reminds Maharashtra Student Varsha’s Family of Her Late Father9-year-old Varsha lives with her grandparents. At age 8, she lost her father and lived alone with her mother and grandparents. Her mother lives in another place while working as a laborer with her relatives. Her mother returns home twice a year.

Varsha’s grandmother is always with her for the whole day. Their home is made of thin metal sheets, which causes them problems during the rainy season. Rain water typically pours into their home, which results in fevers and colds for Varsha and her siblings.

Little Varsha is adored by all the people in her village. She is most happy when she sees her best friends at Hope Learning Stations, where she can enjoy herself with them.

When Varsha received her rations kit, she was very happy because she had not seen this many food items before. Now she has one more reason to be happy and keep smiling. Her grandparents were also very excited to see and receive the rations kit from Hope Sponsors. They become very emotional as they recall their own late son bringing these same items to them years before.

While Varsha waits to meet her mother again, she knows she is loved and supported by a loving Hope Sponsor. Her grandparents blessed the donor, and Varsha gave her love to the donor for this incredible gift.