PI has reached South Africa & Stands as Beacon of HoPE!

PI has reached South Africa & Stands as Beacon of HoPE!

Phonemic Intelligence is positively changing the lives of children in South Africa. Since its introduction to primary schools in late 2023, PI has seen remarkable success.

Phonemic Intelligence (PI) is a 7-minute brain exercise that amplifies learning, emotional resilience, and compassion.

To date, more than 2200 children and 200 school teachers have been trained in PI in Kwa Zulu Natal province, South Africa and more schools are being identified daily.

Listen to the impact of PI on the students:

In today’s evolving world, children face escalating challenges that jeopardize their future prospects, rendering their mental, emotional, and physical well-being more vulnerable than ever before.

“There is a grave need for social upliftment and balance in South Africa. We are aware of the vast potential that exists within all for change, but particularly in children, who will either give rise to a future equal to a crippling past, or a new tomorrow for SA, with the right aid.” -Dr. Sheylyn Pillay, PI Africa Lead

Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence (PI) educational technology stands as a beacon of HoPE.

Dr. Pillai’s goal is for PI to be internationally lauded as a brain-based educational technology that boosts intelligence and cultivates compassion for all ages.

For over a decade, PI has been pivotal in our programs in India, the US and Mexico, with transformative effects on over 250,000 children. Endorsed by government partnerships and validated by research from Harvard Medical School and Brain Science International, PI has a proven track record.

Our main PI initiatives:

  • Hope Learning Centers: Operating 167 centers, we empower 6,054 children in rural India with after-school programs.
  • PI School Program: Expanding PI to African schools, propelling our mission to uplift children world-wide.
  • Do PI With Me: This free online community offers PI sessions in multiple languages for children and parents.

PI is the solution to provide every child an equal opportunity to learn and develop their full potential, creating a brighter future, and contributing to a better world.

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