If we all live love, and help those in need, we could create a world of HoPE, and to us at Tripura Foundation, that means Heaven on Planet Earth.

We dedicate ourselves to elevating young minds through transformative education while meeting the urgent needs of the hungry. Anchored by Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence (PI), a scientifically backed educational technology, we enhance intelligence and cultivate compassionate leaders, transforming destinies.

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Our Impact

Education Hours


Education hours

Meals served


Meals served.

Children trained in PI


Children trained in PI.

Hope children served


Hope children served.


Hope elders served.

What We Do

Phonemic Intelligence

Brain enhancing education

Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence (PI) revolutionizes education by boosting intelligence and nurturing compassionate leaders worldwide.

Food For All

Meals that make a difference

We nourish vulnerable communities with protein-rich meals of love.

 Hope Learning

Empowering the next generation

We uplift marginalized children, boosting their intelligence, employability, and well-being for a better future.

Hope for
the Elderly

Upholding senior dignity

We deliver essential food, care, and love to support abandoned seniors.

United Nations ECOSOC Accreditation

Tripura Foundation is an NGO in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2015. Our educational statement published by the UN, highlights our commitment to making a global impact on education. Learn more

The Latest from Tripura Foundation

Hats off to our Hope alumni!

A decade ago, three of our Hope students embarked on their educational journey at Hope Learning Centers. Today, they are excelling in higher studies and have launched successful professional careers. We couldn’t be prouder of their remarkable achievements!

Watch all three of their inspiring stories in our video playlist here.

Recent Blogs

Building a World of HoPE Together

Our Wall of Hope shares love, prayers and feedback from our Tripura Family!
Sheetal Bagde

I am so touched to see the children develop skills on gratitude, nurturing and serving others while also getting academic education. In my world where I don’t need to think of basic necessities, I am grateful for the reminder of how much even small things like pulses can mean to some children in the world.

Sheetal Bagde

Sheetal Bagde

Krushna Bagde

Thank you for sharing this. I am truly honored to be a part of these kids’ thoughts and I am impressed with the Hope model and how it is transforming the lives of others. Many thanks to you and your team for your hard work and to kids for their participation and the love and joy they radiate. Please tell the kids that I said hello and I wish them success.

– Sriram Pappula

Krushna Bagde

Thank you so much for providing this wonderful report. Tears came to my eyes, especially in this period in which I care for my own elderly mother and in-laws. Every day I see how difficult old age, being disabled it is for some people …I am very grateful for the update and send Blessings to all of you who are part of making this happen!

– Inez Vermeulen

Krushna Bagde

I was inspired by a sharing from one of our community members who wrote about how her consistent n faithful tithing has brought so many miracles in her life. Indeed, we too have been blessed by Babaji [Dr. Pillai] n his teachings n more than anything else, it just makes me so happy to feed people!

– Shireen

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