IndiaOne third the size of the United States, India is home to over one billion people. The diversity and complexity of this country provide incredible challenges to its leaders. Despite recent economic growth, India still faces an incredible lack of basic resources for many of its people.  There are vast challenges in creating a sustainable infrastructure that would cure challenges in sanitation, health care, education and housing. 35% of the world’s illiterate people live in India.  Although schooling is free and compulsory from 6-14 years of age, facilities are often inadequate. Approximately 40% of students, mostly girls, drop out by secondary school.  Without a dramatic shift in addressing this situation, it is estimated that by the year 2020 over 50% of the illiterate population will live in India. The Tripura Foundation has 101 active Hope Learning Centers in India aimed at providing a solution for this high-risk population of students. Here they can receive Phonemic Intelligence technology, yoga, nutrition and the support they need to stay in school until they can successfully graduate. Our goal is to help local rural communities transform by giving their youth a brighter future. Many of the children attending Hope Learning Centers come back and help bring positive change to their communities to end the cycle of suffering. We provide additional community assistance by supporting abandoned elders through Hope for the Elderly and hosting community feedings when they are most needed through Million Meals of Hope.