Blankets Bring Hope to Children and Elders

Blankets Bring Hope to Children and Elders

Blankets are a necessity that many children and elders in impoverished rural India cannot afford. Here, the type of sleep they have directly impacted the overall quality of life and the future of the community members. Part of Tripura Foundation’s mission is to lift people out of poverty. Providing blankets to those in need is one way to go about accomplishing this central goal.

Blankets Bring Hope To Children

Hope child looking forward for your support to get a new blanketFor the children, having the warmth and security of blankets can ensure comfort and more peaceful sleep. This added layer of a blanket allows them to feel safer in an uncertain world that is impacted by a pandemic and so many other unpredictable factors that add to their daily worries. With blankets, children get more restful sleep, which eases their minds and bodies, ridding them of stress. The children are able to focus on their academic learning objectives, which allow them to earn higher marks. When their grades improve, they become motivated to continue their academic journeys well into high school and college. For Hope Children, this is a pathway to leading their families out of dire situations from which there is no other way out.

As the pandemic continues in India, the hardest-hit rural villages are a long way from recovering with very little resources. Tripura hosts programs and deliveries in these remote locations. Right now, we are delivering much-needed blankets to our most vulnerable.

Blankets Bring Hope To Elders

The elderly that Tripura Foundation serves are often abandoned by their families and reside in dilapidated huts that are susceptible to leaking and cold drafts. With heavy rains and cold weather on the horizon, a new warm blanket can provide our Hope Elders maintain or even improve their health during the upcoming season.

For the elderly, the warmth of a blanket can ensure that they have more rejuvenating sleep. The elderly already struggle with insomnia and other types of disturbed sleep due to their aging bodies and other health-related issues.

Our Hope Sponsors are the key to helping to shift the realities of young children and elders in rural India. Hope Sponsors have historically provided staples to members of our communities in need, and also have developed life-long relationships with Tripura Foundation, even sometimes visiting our programs on the ground floor to see the type of impact they have made at our Hope Stations. The gifts of our Hope Sponsors allow our program doors to remain accessible to those most in need.

Gift a Blanket of Hope

This month, blankets are the gift that Hope Sponsors will be remembered for by the children and elders all across India. With a few simple clicks, you can help make a difference in their lives:

Every gift that you give is a lifeline for someone in the greatest need. A $12 gift gives a Hope Child a month of Hope Station support and a blanket. A $42 gift gives a Hope Elder a month of food supplies and a blanket. A gift in any amount will go towards making sure every child and elder can receive a blanket.

Thank you for wrapping our children and elders in your love.

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