Uniting For Hunger Relief During COVID19

Uniting For Hunger Relief During COVID19

We are happy to share that restrictions are lifting so that we can deliver even more healthy food to those in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Deliveries consist of fruits and vegetables, shelf-stable proteins and grains, and basic necessities for seniors.

Hope for the Elderly Deliveries Complete!

All of the seniors being served through Tripura’s Hope for the Elderly program in India were happy to receive their monthly food kits hand delivered by a friendly face.

US Food Bank Partnerships

Our hunger relief efforts continue through US food bank partnerships. We’ve served 25,500 meals in the US to those facing food insecurity due to COVID-19.

High Needs Areas

The Food Bank for NYC is the city’s hub for integrated food and poverty assistance. One in five New Yorkers are currently relying on feeding programs and services- making New York one of the highest needs areas across the US. We served 5,000 meals in NYC.

Learn More about Food Bank NYC

Deliveries to Seniors

Harrison, Maine has a large elderly population in need of support. Volunteers and staff members drive more than 200 miles a day, six days a week, picking up food from pantries that have shuttered and crisscrossing the state to amass enough food to feed their community. We’ve served 5,000 meals to seniors in Harrison.

Learn More about Harrison Food Bank

Feeding Our Children

The RoadRunner Food Bank of New Mexico provides food for the highest percentage of children in need of food. In Mckinley county, New Mexico, one in three children are hungry and don’t have access to consistent food sources. We’ve served 5,000 meals to children in New Mexico.

Learn More about RoadRunner Food Bank

What Can I Do To Help?

You can make your contribution to Tripura’s Million Meals of Hope program. All funds will be distributed to one of these outstanding feeding initiatives. Our partnerships make sure that every dollar has maximum impact.

You can continue to join us in love and energetic support for all of the Tripura Family and beyond – knowing that many are finding themselves unexpectedly facing food insecurity.