Mohini Shares Her Birthday Wish for 2020

Mohini Shares Her Birthday Wish for 2020

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As my birthday approaches on October 18th, I have a special wish this year that I’d like to share with you.

As you likely do, I consider Tripura‘s Hope children to be my own. Today, our Tripura children in India are facing many more challenges due to the pandemicwith India as the second-highest country in the world with COVID cases. Many of their parents have no work due to ongoing restrictions, and since schools are closed, even the mid-day meal provided by the school is not there. Fear of infection is prevalent everywhere, along with a lack of hope.

I can say with absolute certainty that Hope StationsTripura‘s Hope Center program that has gone mobile to reach children in the most remote villages of India, is the shining light in the lives of our Hope children and their entire family.


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At Hope Stations, children learn about how to prevent the spread of COVID, how to lead a happy and meaningful life, as well as essential academics. They are empowered. They receive healthy snacks that they share with their families. They practice PI twice daily to keep their intelligence sharp and maintain a positive, resilient attitude. More than anything, they feel loved and cared for and truly enjoy their time at Hope Stations.

The need for the underprivileged children of India is so vast that we are opening up new Hope Stations in all regions of India as quickly as possible. Now we have 169 Hope Stations in the most destitute locations in 8 states in India serving 4,398 children, and are continuing to expand.



I’m asking my Tripura family if you will consider giving a gift to our children who really need help– anything you give is a lifeline in their greatest time of need. Hope stands for Heaven on Planet Earth, and Hope Stations are a slice of heaven for our children.

Thank you for any gift you can give to bring heaven to these deserving souls.

Love and Light,

Together, we can reach another 1,000 children in 2020.

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