Expanding Tripura Feeding Programs During COVID19

Expanding Tripura Feeding Programs During COVID19

Feeding Families in Need

As part of our urgent response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are expanding Tripura feedings to include:

  1. The most heavily relied upon food banks in the United States
  2. Partnership with Indian government feeding initiatives
  3. Special deliveries were allowed for children and elders of our Hope programs

U.S. Food Banks

We’ve started U.S. feedings by selectively partnering with food banks struggling to keep up with increasing demands brought on by job loss from COVID-19.

Last week, we saw long lines of people waiting in the rain for hours to secure food in San Diego, CA. We’ve started our partnerships here with a goal of expanding into other heavily impacted U.S. locations. Our first efforts will bring an additional 10,500 meals to families in Southern California, USA.

Lunches for Kids

The San Diego Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief organization in San Diego County. Through non-profit partnerships like ours, they aim to serve 350,000 people per month. Tripura support will go to their Food for Kids Program which helps provide 5 lunch meals for every $1 to school-aged children.

Learn More about SD Food Bank



Fresh Produce

Over half of the food distributed to help hungry families is fresh produce. In partnership with Feeding San Diego, we are feeding 6.9 meals of nutritious fruits and veggies for every $1 shared.

Learn More about Feeding America



Government Feedings

The Indian government has recognized Tripura Foundation’s notable work in the rural villages and has formally requested our help in partnering with the government to deliver critical food supplies for the elderly in villages. We are meeting with government officials to discuss the partnership in detail.




Hope Food Deliveries

Shelf-stable foods such as chickpeas were delivered in Madurai and Rameswaram by our heroic Hope Teachers to children and families of our Hope Learning Center and Hope for the Elderly programs. Deliveries will continue where it is safe to do so in compliance with government mandates. Parents of our Hope Learning Center students were especially grateful!



What Can I Do To Help?

You can make your contribution to Tripura’s Million Meals of Hope program. All funds will be distributed to one of these outstanding feeding initiatives. Our partnerships make sure that every dollar has maximum impact.

You can continue to join us in love and energetic support for all of the Tripura Family and beyond – knowing that many are finding themselves unexpectedly facing food insecurity.