Student Spotlight – Sucharitha: Ambition and Service at HLS Coimbatore

Student Spotlight – Sucharitha: Ambition and Service at HLS Coimbatore

Sucharitha, a member of the 7th class at one of Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Station in Coimbatore, is always seen beaming with a smile on her face. Her father works as a coolie, her mother is a housewife, and her one elder brother is studying in 9th grade. Sucharitha is soft-spoken by nature and is a school topper, according to her mentor.

Sucharitha volunteering at the Hope Station

“I volunteer myself in keeping my Hope Station clean and I love helping my staff in distributing the chickpeas to my friends,” says Sucharitha. “This nutritious mini-meal is very tasty and it helps me to remain active in class.”

Sucharitha is very much inspired by her Hope Station mentor, Mr. Karthikeyan, who imparts knowledge to many children like Sucharitha who experience challenging predicaments in their lives due to poverty. She loves mathematics and scores high marks in almost all of the tests she takes.

Sucharitha receiving meals at Hope Station

Her dream is to become a teacher. She confides in her close friend that she hopes to one day grow up and earn lots of money, taking the financial burden off of her father’s shoulders. Accomplishing this would give her and her family great hope and pride.

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