Hope Student Spotlight – Menaka: A Beacon of Hope

Hope Student Spotlight – Menaka: A Beacon of Hope

Coimbatore’s Hope Learning Station (HLS) is proud to have Menaka as a student. She emerges from a poor family. Her mother is a homemaker and her father, who works for daily wages, is still unable to repay the debt he had taken a few years back. Menaka is a bright, emerging young woman who understands her family circumstances.



Menaka has been attending Hope Learning Stations for the past three years. She is very soft and timid by nature. She is a bright student and is well trained in craftwork by her Hope teacher who noticed Menaka’s interest in the art form. From this new skill, Menaka makes beautiful handmade jewelry items, which are purchased by her neighbors and friends. Her profits go directly to support her struggling family.



By attending classes at the HLS, Menaka has become aware of her personal strengths and weaknesses, which she is working through. She confides having learned to communicate her feelings in the right way and gained in-depth knowledge of topics she studied. Science is her favorite subject and she has a good academic record in school. She says that the HLS helped her to hone her skills in dancing and singing. This gives her hope for a better life because she knows that her skill sets will continue to grow.


Menaka’s natural-giving nature helps others in her community. She is very eager to assist her peers in learning. She also makes it a point to give back her time by distributing rationing kits to elders in need. Her compassionate spirit has made her ambitious as she now aspires to become a teacher. In this way, she can release her family from the challenging confines of poverty.



Menaka distributing rationing kits to elders in need


We here at Tripura Foundation congratulate Menaka and her family for their dedication and perseverance. We believe that education is the catalyst for social transformation. Menaka is the perfect example of our dream.



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This month, we celebrate International Women’s Day and acknowledge the hard-working single moms and their daughters who are beating the odds. Together, we can empower young girls to know their worth and strive to accomplish even their biggest dreams.