Soft Skills Are Not Enough, Not Anymore

We have all been convinced that soft skills are a major contributor to success, they certainly are. But we have seen increasingly that people with even the best personalities and soft skills fall short in life only because they could not handle the pressures that life brings upon us. Handling pressure is being seen as a key skill in executive circles now a day. It’s always been so in athletics and sports. But now more than ever the stress of daily life leaves us fatigued and frustrated.

If this is the case with us, we cannot even begin to comprehend what it is like for our children and what they have to face. As parents, we try to do everything we possibly can so that our children can have a safe and secure life. But how are we to help them face that which we ourselves could not?

How are we to prepare them for things that we ourselves are not prepared for? The threatening economic conditions, weather, war, diseases. The worst is always yet to come. Are our children prepared for what’s to come? What can we do?

One thing is certain we need to remain relaxed under high stress, think clear, weigh our options and choose wisely to be able to live a life of sanity. Now, the question is how do we prepare our kids so that they are more prepared than we were?

Modern science has some answers for us. Increasingly, brain research is becoming a key area of focus for Government and Scientific community worldwide. This increased interest in brain research is born out of an anguish of the scientific community which claims we know less than 5% of our brain, or shall I say less than 5% of ourselves? More and more research is being funded to understand the brain. The importance of better brain functioning is well established and there have been numerous studies that have facilitated an understanding of how the different parts of brain control our psychology and wellbeing.

We at Tripura Foundation believe in leaving no stone unturned for our kids. We believe so do you.

Here is our comprehensive model for development:

Formal Education + Tutoring for Academic Success + Nutrition+ Brain Changing Education= Life Success

We know that formal education, tutoring, nutrition are easy to provide if you are relatively well off but how do you give them a better, faster and smarter brain? which is key in today’s world. The answer lies in Tripura Foundation’s Founder, Dr. Pillai’s 30 years of research on sounds and their beneficial effect on the brain. Studies done by Dr. Pillai and numerous other research groups have produced surprising results in very short time frames.

We are talking about helping our kids achieve higher grades, more peaceful behaviour and much better ability to handle the stress of daily life.

Phonemic Intelligence is our key solution to the many problems and challenges that face our children, problems that soft skill training and formal education are just not prepared to handle.

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Looking forward to a better future for all our children.