Enabling Transformation at the Roots of Rural India

The four pillars of Indian society in villages are the mothers, teachers, post men and the family physicians. Tripura Foundation programs target all of these four pillars strategically to bring about a complete transformation in poverty and disease stricken rural India.

Here is how Tripura Foundation is doing it:

Empowerment of the mothers, who are central to the family structure and also essential bread winners.

~ Tripura Foundation is actively sponsoring creation of new employment opportunities through skills training for woman in rural areas. Initiatives:

  • Implement Cottage industries where widowed woman can learn how to prepare healthy packaged food for over 3000 HoPE children throughout India
  • Skills training in Garment Manufacturing
  • Providing support required to set up micro enterprises

Empowerment of the teachers, whose performance literally decides the fate of school going rural children.

~ Tripura Foundation hires and trains qualified teachers in rural areas and provides them employment opportunities through its nearly 100 HoPE Learning Centers across rural India. Initiatives:

  • Hire qualified teachers to work in HoPE Learning Centers , groom them to become models for the children and share best practices from across Centers
  • Collaboration with village schools by providing them with support and Brain Changing Phonemic Intelligence programs for students. The teachers get trained in Phonemic Intelligence techniques which are both beneficial to practice and delightful to teach

Empowerment of the communication system (symbolized by the ‘Post Man’), improving communication between the village and the outer world is very key to changing perceptions.

~ Tripura Foundation understands that changing perceptions is key to enabling growth. It sponsors programs that constantly educate villagers about advances in the outer world and this proves to be a great motivator for parents and children alike. Initiatives:

  • Operating nearly 100 HoPE Learning Centers which provide children with not only tutoring for better academic performance but also introduces them to advances in sciences and technology through initiatives which teach them about computers, internet and scientific discoveries
  • In 2014, open 10 Strategic HoPE Community Centers that will deliver computer training

Empowerment of the health care system (symbolized by the ‘Family Physician’), is critical to enhanced productivity and better standard of living.

~ Tripura Foundation acknowledges that one of the key weapons in the fight against poverty is the empowerment of health care systems. Tripura Foundation Founder, Dr. Pillai emphasises that poverty affects even the brain’s functioning as has been documented in many scientific studies. Initiatives:

  • Personal Hygiene awareness programs in all HoPE Centers
  • Health Camps in villages to provide high quality medical care
  • Launch of Food Banks to provide food security
  • HoPE for the Elderly program to feed and clothe the destitute elderly
  • Launch of Day Care Centers for younger children
  • Million Meals of HoPE program to provide food to the homeless and starving

There are many more that need us but we cannot do it alone. If you feel called to change the lives of millions, then join us in this fight against poverty.

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