The Promise of Phonemic Intelligence

Labels Don’t Matter. Intelligence Does.

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“I am very happy to be autistic” says Jacob, 15 year old son of Kristine Barnett. Jacob was diagnosed with autism when he was 2, and doctors said he would never speak. But Kristine did not give up on her son and pushed hard to find a way out and when the teachers told her that there was no hope, she rebelled and took her own path.

“A lot of people thought that I had lost my mind,” she recalls. Instead of focusing on Jacob’s limitations, Kristine nurtured his interests. Now her 15-year-old son is on track to win a Nobel Prize for his work in theoretical physics.

Interestingly, I myself was mildly dyslexic and when I would look at a question in a test paper, the words would fly out and rearrange themselves and form a different question than the one in the test paper and I would often finish my paper…only to realize that I had written the answer to a question which wasn’t even on the paper. My parents and teachers thought that I day dream a lot and that I don’t even read the questions properly. They suggested that I focus more in the class and read the questions carefully. But it did not help since my problem was different. I never even mentioned this to anyone except once and at that time someone close to me laughed saying that I day dream too much, and that made me believe that I was stupid and could not even read a question properly. Luckily after I started practising the Phonemic Intelligence technique, this problem disappeared on its own and I am happy to share this story with all of you today. I would like children to benefit from this miracle technique. My own grades tell a tale.  I went from getting an average of 6 /10 to getting 9.2/10 in university.

I have since then started to strongly believe that labels do not matter, our intelligence does and I find Phonemic Intelligence is a great tool to boost our intelligence. Thank you.

Sunny Dasgupta

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