Mohini’s Diwali Birthday Wish

Mohini’s Diwali Birthday Wish

A special message from Mohini, Global Director of Tripura Foundation:

This year my birthday, October 18th, is the same day as Diwali.  Diwali is the Festival of Lights here in India, and it signifies the end of darkness, greed and poverty.  In India, it is the happiest day of the year for children, as it is their “Christmas”.  People receive gifts of new clothes and wear the clothes on Diwali to symbolize a new beginning.

Diwali is an important day for me because there are 4040 children here at our HoPE Centers in India, and it’s my responsibility to give all of them a new set of clothes.  For my children, this new set of clothes is very precious, as they come from the worst circumstances of poverty and experience suffering of every kind.  Everyone loves gifts, but to my children, this gift is truly a symbol of HoPE.

To give my children the Diwali gift of new clothes on this day means everything to me, as it is the highlight of joy in their entire year.

I’m asking for your help in giving my children their Diwali gift.  Every $10 donated provides a new set of clothes for my children.  If you all could join me in giving $10 for a Diwali gift for one of my children, it is certainly the greatest gift of their year and the greatest Birthday gift for me.

Every dollar helps so much – thank you for giving what you can and truly spreading the Festival of Lights with my children who deserve it the most.

Love, Mohini
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