Without Hunger, Pethandi May Cure Cancer!

Without Hunger, Pethandi May Cure Cancer!

Pethandi is an enthusiastic student who really gets excited about her studies. She loves to watch National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel so she can learn more about science and English.

After seeing those around her struggle to pay for hospital bills and medicines, she hopes to become a doctor and to provide the people of her village with free medical care. Someday she is confident she will find ways to treat cancer and wants to provide no-cost treatments to people who cannot afford to pay.

Recently Pethandi and the children in her class celebrated World Health Day. The children drew charts and created placards to raise health awareness and took part in rallies around their village. They also shared what they had learned about healthy drinks and food that taste good in the summer.

An important part of health is proper nutrition. HoPE Learning Centers provide over 1,000,000 mini-meals to kids like Pethandi throughout India. September is Hunger Action Month. Your contribution to HoPE Learning Centers can keep amazing kids like Pethandi and her classmates healthy and happy.

Please take the time to sponsor a HoPE Center child (for only $9 a month) or an entire HoPE Learning Center (for $360 a month)! Your modest contribution can not only change a child’s life, but perhaps it might even provide new hope for hundreds of sick, suffering villagers in years to come!