Rekha Inspires Generosity & Sustainability On Diwali

Rekha Inspires Generosity & Sustainability On Diwali

Rekha is from Karaikalmedu, Puducherry and is attending the same school as her younger brother. Her mother is a housewife and her father is unemployed.

Her community is officially designated OBC (Other Backwards Community) by the Indian government due to poverty and lack of educational opportunities in the region. So, the local Hope Learning Center is a valuable resource to all ages of people.

As part of her studies for the Diwali holiday, Rekha’s teacher explained the concept of Removal of Evil which teaches children to put away bad behaviors and replace them with good ones. Therefore, Rekha realized that she had a bad habit of watching TV at the neighbor’s house and decided to instead start focusing more on her studies.

In addition, Rekha recently has been more involved with conservation and helping the elderly. Her teachers and parents are proud of her and decided to create a conservation themed Diwali celebration at her Hope Learning Center to instill sustainable values while celebrating the Festival of Lights.

In honor of the Spirit of Diwali, please consider making a special one-time gift (of $10, $40, $108 or more) to provide food and clothing to children, their families, and local elders. Even if you are a regular sponsor of a child or a Hope Learning Center, you can still make a bigger difference in their lives on this day of light!