Mrs. Kavitha: Moral and Academic Support for Hope Children

Mrs. Kavitha: Moral and Academic Support for Hope Children

Mrs. Kavitha has been a Hope staff member for the past eight years. Her responsibility and dedication to the teaching profession are exemplary. She plays an essential role in shaping the future of students in Pattavarthy Hope Station in Kumbakonam.

“I have loved the teaching profession from a young age and I worked very hard towards it. After completing my academic studies I completed my degree course along with a bachelor’s degree in education. Due to family circumstances, I was not able to go to school and work, but my dream was fulfilled through working at Hope Learning Station.” says Kavitha.

“Every day I arrive at the station well before time and get myself prepared for the day’s class. I always think out of the box and have some creative ideas to be shared with students. Students also enjoy my class and it’s always an interactive one.”

Mrs. Kavitha profile pictureFrom the beginning, Kavitha was happy and eager to work even during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was especially significant that Hope Station remained open to students since schools have been closed down. Hope Stations have provided much help to the children who do not have any place to go in order to attend their online classes. With Kavitha’s help, the Stations have provided additional moral and academic support to the children who might not have otherwise had anywhere else to go.


As a teacher, Kavitha imparts knowledge, good values, and tradition. She engages the children in discussions about the challenges they may face and helps them find solutions for how to resolve them. Kavitha is wonderful at craftwork and enjoys spending time with the students in developing poster-related work.

Mrs. Kavitha teaching her hope children

Mrs. Kavitha teaching at the hope station

Kavitha brings out the best qualities in the students and inspires them to achieve them. She makes learning easier by connecting different subjects to real-life situations. She encourages her students by using two little magic words which help them to stay motivated such as, “Good job,” and, “Well done.” She tracks every minute of children’s progress and appreciates the student. She sets short-term goals for them challenges them in solving difficult situations in life.