Dr Pillai’s Birthday

Dr. Pillai’s upcoming birthday on Feb. 1 feels like a very special time to honor and thank him for his infinite love and dedicated efforts this past year to support as many people as possible through this global pandemic. It touched my heart so deeply to witness daily his ongoing prayers and time...

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Give A Diwali Family Feast Kit – Diwali 2020

November 14th-18th Diwali is almost here! As you may know, Diwali is like Christmas for Indian children. Children wait in great anticipation for this holiday that comes just once a year. To provide our children with a joyous celebration amidst the pandemic, we have put together Family Feast Kits....

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Girl Power Is Rising At Hope Stations

Hope Station children and their families are currently immersed in the time-honored Hindu traditions of Navaratri. Navaratri is dedicated to the celebration of the Divine Mother in all of her forms. Tripura’s Hope-filled girls want to share what this powerful time at their Hope Station...

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