Rajja: A Compassionate Child Brings Hope to an Elder

Rajja: A Compassionate Child Brings Hope to an Elder

Rajja Bai, a compassionate child at one of the Hope Learning Stations in Punjab, is studying in standard 8th grade in the government middle school, and she resides with her parents and four siblings. Her parents work in fields, and her elder sister stitches clothes. They support each other on their combined small income. Her three siblings are studying as well.

Rajja Believes in Helping Others

Picture of Rajja standing at her HLS.

Rajja is very kind-hearted. She wants to help people in every possible way she can. Near Rajja’s home lives an elderly woman who is very poor and cannot afford meals on some days. Rajja took pity on the woman and decided to help her.

As soon as she has free time, Rajja helps the elderly woman with her household work. One day, Rajja realized that the woman did not have proper clothes to wear when she saw her wearing old, torn clothes. Rajja went home and requested that her mother help find clothes in the community to donate to the elderly woman.

Rajja believes that one must help the needy in whatever ways it is possible for them. She says,

“We should be grateful for the people who help us, and in the same way whenever possible, if we get a chance, we must help other people.”

HLS helped Rajja with her Anger Issues

Rajja learning from her teacher at the HLS.

Rajja is a compassionate child, but in the beginning, she had anger issues. She preferred to sit alone and avoided talking to people. But the Hope Learning Station classes completely changed her. The personality development lessons and support from the Hope staff have given her new direction and meaning to her life, especially teaching her the importance of compassion and serving. Rajja feels more love and calm when she helps.

Rajja smiling at her HLS.The regular classes at HLS have helped her, and drastic changes occurred in her behavior. She is not an aggressive child anymore, nor does she sit alone beside the teacher now. Instead, she has healthy communication with all the other children at HLS, and also she has gained control over her anger and does not quickly react or become angry. The regular PI practice had helped her to add significant changes by enhancing the brain capabilities.

Today Rajja helps her younger siblings in their studies and helps the other kids at the HLS. Today she is having healthy and good communication with the children at HLS. She treats everyone with love and care.

Rajja’s Aspirations for The Future

Rajja has very high aims in her life. She wants to study and become a police officer to serve her country genuinely and make her parents proud. Rajja is grateful for the HLS classes and joins the classes every day with great enthusiasm.

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