Hope Student Spotlight – Yazhini: A Hopeful Future in the Fine Arts

Hope Student Spotlight – Yazhini: A Hopeful Future in the Fine Arts

Yazhini has been a student of the Hope Learning Centers in Coimbatore for the last four years. Her family lives in the village of Veeriampalayam; her father works in a private company, and her mother is a homemaker. Yazhini is an outstanding student, and her hobbies and interests include singing, dancing, and painting.

Hope Student Yazhini cleaning pots at her home.

Hope Student Yazhini cooking meals at home.

Hope Student Yazhini showing her literature books.

Hope Student Yazhini sweeping her backyard.

Hope Student Yazhini with her friends at the Hope Station.

Yazhini’s Interest in Literature

Yazhini has taken a particular interest in literature. Years ago, she became an avid book reader during her free time. At the age of ten, she became inspired after reading texts written by Mr. Vairumuth, a famous lyricist in the Tamil film industry.

The first lyric written by her at the age of ten was:

“A mother’s love is felt when she is compassionate, and a father’s love is felt when he carries out his responsibility.”

During her first few years at her Hope Learning Station, she received a small bookshelf from the program, which prompted her to collect and read as many books as possible. Her inner drive for creativity and her use of language skills improved significantly. Yazhini admits that reading books reduces her stress and increases positive thinking.

Hope Learning Station Supports Yazhini’s Creativity

Yazhini says the Hope Learning Station has given her access to different learning activities. The PTP lessons, which are fine-tuned to encourage children like her to be more creative and problem-solving rather than memorizing, have enabled her to participate in a variety of contests held in her school over the past few years. As a result, Yazhini has won many medals and awards in oratorical and essay competitions.

She is grateful for what she is today. Thanks to her Hope Sponsor, who supports underserved children like her to get an education without interruption, even during this pandemic situation. She gives credit to her Hope Mentor, who showers her with a lot of love and care and for helping in study-related difficulties. She gains in-depth knowledge in the personality development lessons.

Yazhini’s Aspirations

Yazhini aspires to become a literary writer and intends to concentrate on literature in college one day. Her classmates and mentor love her for her good and enthusiastic behavior, encourage her to write more, and wish her the very best in her future endeavors.

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