Megha Chinkeri: A Hope Child with A Giving Heart and Mind

Megha Chinkeri: A Hope Child with A Giving Heart and Mind

Megha Chinkeri is a student of the Hope Learning Station (HLS) in Maharashtra. Her father is a laundry worker, and her mother is a housewife. Both Megha’s parents are illiterate and unable to provide the necessary academics to support Megha and her elder brother. Managing their children’s education is sometimes difficult and burdensome for Megha’s parents. They manage their household and education costs from their very humble budget, based on the father’s earnings alone. Megha’s family conditions have also concerned her and have caused her academics to suffer. 

Megha Chinkeri: A Hope Child with A Giving Heart and Mind


Homelife stress had negatively impacted Megha’s concentration on studies due to the disturbing thoughts that led her to deprioritize her school work. It also affected her memory of what she had learned during class. Megha’s mother once indicated that Megha’s enervated behavior was very stressful for her.



Megha’s Transformation

After joining the HLS, Megha has shown drastic changes in her studies and behavior. She now does her studies with total concentration and also assists her mother in household work. Her mother says, “The full credit of Megha’s improvement goes to the Hope Learning Station. I had noticed these changes in her studies and her behavior within a short period when she joined the HLS classes.”

Help from Phonemic Intelligence

Phonemic Intelligence practice has played a crucial role in bringing rapid changes to Megha’s brain capacity. Her stronger mind led to significant shifts in Megha’s academics and behavior. HLS’s personality development lessons played a crucial role in helping Megha learn the necessary life skills and implement them into her day-to-day life. Lastly, the generosity and love that the teachers shared with her at the HLS were the basis of keeping Megha motivated daily. 

Megha’s positive behavior has remained consistent both in school and with her family. She even started searching for ways to serve others. She applies the knowledge and skills she has learned at the HLS in the community.

Giving Heart of Megha

For the past several months, Megha has served an elderly woman who lives alone near her home. Megha visits her every day, purchases her groceries from the store, and does her household chores, such as filling water and cooking. After school and HLC classes, Megha makes her way to the granny’s home, lifts her, and helps her walk outside for a while. Megha says, “It is my duty to serve the elders, and this gives me great satisfaction and happiness when I can help them.”

At this young age, Megha has understood that serving others is the greatest happiness. Her ambition is to become a police officer to set an example of honesty and integrity in her village being police. Through her attitude of kindness and service, Megha has embodied the vision of Tripura Foundation’s founder, Dr. Pillai.