Suvidha: HLS Teacher’s Lessons Give a Lifetime of Hope to Students

Suvidha: HLS Teacher’s Lessons Give a Lifetime of Hope to Students

Suvidha Borker has been working with Tripura Foundation for the past eight months as a Hope Learning Station(HLS) teacher in Maharashtra. Suvidha has worked towards the betterment of the children since the day the HLS programs were launched in her village. While schools were closed during the pandemic lockdown, the children in her village had little to no support to continue learning. Working at the HLS was the perfect opportunity for her to support the children in her community.

Suvidha Identifying the Problems

When the HLS program began, Suvidha saw that the children did not have the confidence to come in front and introduce themselves in front of the class. She also noticed that the children were not very confident while speaking to her and the other children they met for the first time. The appearance of the children also concerned her. When interacting with children, she came across many who were not academically competing well in school with other children. They displayed zero motivation to participate in school activities or competitions. All of these factors prompted Suvidha to help the students work towards improving their appearance and behavior.

Suvidha’s Plan to Improve HLS Students

Ms. Suvidha smiling at her HLS

Suvidha decided that she would not let her students lag academically or socially. Each day she began by explaining to the children the importance of hygiene and how maintaining good hygiene makes them feel better inside and out. Suvidha gave them live demonstrations on the importance of washing their hands and wearing clean clothes. To increase their self-confidence and communication skills, she conducted fun and engaging activities to enjoy and learn through them. She always encourages them to participate, and she never missed a chance to appreciate them for their genuine efforts.

Results Gained by Suvidha’s Commitment

Today, many children at Suvidha’s Hope Learning Station (HLS) have changed their lives drastically. They are fully confident in being themselves and eagerly participate in the activities conducted at the HLS. Their appearance has also improved, and the children are looking more neat and tidy.

Practice of Phonemic Intelligence at HLS

Suvidha believes that PI and PTP lessons are significant factors in changing the lives of HLS children. She gives the entire credit to the regular practice of Phonemic Intelligence. Through which the changes occurred in the children within a short time. She believes that PTP lessons significantly impact and help children learn the skills they never were taught in school or at home.

Suvidha says,

“Each child at HLS is my responsibility, and I never want to fail to notice what my children at HLS need or what skills they lack to be a better person.”

Suvidha puts in a lot of dedication to deliver the HLS curriculum in the best possible manner every day to teach new concepts in education. These real-world lessons will last a lifetime for these children. Today when Suvidha sees her students at HLS, she feels like a proud teacher. Who had made a genuine decision and worked efficiently towards changing the lives of children. Every day she sets some new goals for herself as a teacher and brings them into practice.

Suvidha teaching her hope students at the HLS

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Suvidha says she sees herself in these small children who have big dreams in their eyes. Today Tripura Foundation gives children wings to fly, and she always thanks to the Foundation for providing needy families with such great support.

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