Why I Made The Leap To Giving $1 Per Day

My name is Ryan Irving, and I’m 28 years old living near Chicago Illinois. I first discovered Tripura through studying with Dr. Pillai. I started out by making sporadic donations to the foundation. I remember seeing pictures of the children Tripura was helping and it really struck something deep within me. In a recent trip to India, I had the privilege to attend an event where some of the children from the HoPE Centers came out to a hotel and put on a show for donors from around the world. Prior to this I had seen some pictures of these kids, who literally came from slums with hopelessness and despair etched on their faces. When I looked into their eyes at this event, they were bright beyond imagination! I experienced the joy and happiness that came out of them and it made quite an impression. The transformations were literally night and day. I am happy to say I now donate $1 a day ($30 a month) in continued support of this incredible organization that is giving the “have-nots” an opportunity to shine. Giving $1 a day helps me shine with them!

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