Feeding 3000 People in Singapore on a Sunday Morning

Dr. Pillai’s community members gathered at Willing Hearts soup kitchen. A week earlier, we raised funds to purchase food ingredients – 90 kgs of rice noodle, 240 cans of braised vegetables, 24 kgs of dried bean curd, and 24 cans of sardines. Many volunteers – from kids to the elderly – cut cartons of vegetables, and cooked tons of rice, noodles, fish and chicken to prepare lunch. The lunches were packed into boxes and delivered to 38 locations for distribution. For many of us, it was a first time and very heart-warming experience to prepare food on a massive scale to feed 3,000 hungry and needy. Several of us were so touched by their experiences, that they blogged to encourage others to contribute towards this worthy mission. They were so grateful to Dr Pillai for this opportunity to serve the less fortunate. We hope that many more will stand up and be counted upon to contribute to a Million Meals worldwide. — Community Member of Willing Hearts + Tripura Foundation’s Million Meals of HoPE Project.      Donate To Monthly Feedings