Rajesh Shares Many Talents

Rajesh Shares Many Talents

Rajesh is a 7th-grade student. Even though he came from a financially disadvantaged background and struggled with severe shyness, after one year at a HoPE Learning Center, he has become a star student with excellent grades.

With encouragement and instruction from his teachers, he has grown tremendously, and now is finally becoming confident enough to speak out in English. Rajesh worked very hard to accomplish this, and working with him was a privilege to his teachers as well.

Over the past year, Rajesh discovered that he had a talent for art. He showed great aptitude for making greeting cards, dolls, and flower bouquets during weekend classes.

Rajesh also discovered a great interest in music. After visiting the center and participating in music classes, he began singing at monthly events and earned a chance to sing in his school’s Annual Day function, where he won the third prize!

He says that he most enjoyed a field trip to a government library and was amazed how useful the library can be to humankind and that these experiences have changed his lifestyle for the better and improved his outlook on tomorrow.

He credits his recent spurts of inner growth to his HoPE Center teacher, friends, and sponsor.

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