United Nations Publishes Tripura Statement on Eradicating Global Poverty

United Nations Publishes Tripura Statement on Eradicating Global Poverty


Tripura Foundation is honored to announce that its statement on poverty and the role Phonemic Intelligence has and continues to play in eradicating poverty was accepted by the United Nations 56th Commission on Social Development (CSocD56).

The statement titled, “One of the most critical and sustainable paths out of poverty is education, but education is only as good as the brain’s ability to learn,” emphasizes the limited educational potential of a child experiencing poverty.  Citing scientific research and success stories, the statement makes the case that Brain Science including Phonemic Intelligence is a contributing, viable and sustainable solution to poverty.  The statement ends with a call to CSocD Member States and representatives to 1) encourage their local primary and secondary schools where the majority of students are living in poverty, or are at risk of not completing their education to implement brain-based educational technology such as Phonemic Intelligence, 2) endorse the aims of Tripura Foundation’s Phonemic Intelligence project, and to 3) provide feedback and guidance as to how Tripura Foundation can implement Phonemic Intelligence globally in primary and secondary schools where the majority of attendees are living in poverty or are at risk of not completing their education.

This is exciting news for Tripura because it means that in partnership with the United Nations, Phonemic Intelligence is one step closer towards becoming a global solution to counteract poverty.

The Commission for Social Development (CSocD) is one of the ten functional commissions established by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to advise and assist it in carrying out its work. ECOSOC is the UN’s central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development.  Since the convening of the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen in 1995, the Commission has been the key UN body in charge of the follow-up and implementation of the Copenhagen Declaration and Program of Action.  Among the 10 commitments agreed upon by Member States are, “Eradicate absolute poverty by a target date to be set by each country” and “Attain universal and equitable access to education and primary health care.”  Tripura Foundation is strongly aligned to both of these commitments.

In addition to submitting the statement, our representative to the United Nations, Rvnd. Mary-Rose “Janani” Engle attended the 2-week long CSocD56 conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.   Each year, delegates and civil society representatives from all around the world come together to discuss methods, techniques, policies, protocols, lessons learned and steps towards progress.  This year’s conference theme is, “Strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all.”  Janani represented our NGO at side events such as, “Combating Poverty through Educational Justice, Women Empowerment and Free and Fair Trade”, “Achieving Poverty Eradication by Sustainable Health, Well‐being and Education”, “Youth Employment: An essential component in the fight to eradicate poverty” and “Ending Poverty is Local: community‐led, integrated approaches for sustainable development.”

We look forward to participating again in early 2019 at CSocD57.

Read our accepted statement at the United Nations CSocD56 website, a site frequented by U.N. Member States and Civil Society.  French and Spanish translations are also available.


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