HoPE For An Island of Widows & Children

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There is a fishermen community in Rameshwaram where many of the men are being killed in territorial disputes over fishing areas. The number of widows is in the hundreds and growing.

Since Rameshwaram is a remote island, there is very little work for the widowed women to support the needs of their children. Masses of women and children are going hungry, and living in deplorable conditions.

It is Dr. Pillai's birthday wish to help these people:

  • Inaugurate a Flagship HoPE Center to give transformational education to hundreds of children, many of them whose fathers have been killed.
  • Begin Implementing cottage industries where widowed women can learn entrepreneurial skills to independently support themselves, as the work on an isolated island like Rameshwaram is very scarce.
  • Host a Grand Feeding, the highest act of charity, in Baba's name.
  • Hand out newly made clothes for the needy women and children.

Baba has a vision that if everyone gave a dollar a day, we could feed everyone in the world. Let's start by giving a dollar a day to give our Guru the greatest Birthday gift- to join together in love and compassion and help his suffering people of Rameshwaram.

In honor of his personal dedication to serving all, we ask that you join us by either giving a one-time gift of $365, or you can select a monthly recurring gift of $30.


Hope learning centers

Rameshwaram is an island of widows without jobs to feed their hungry children

Hope learning centers

Help us launch a special HoPE Center for hundreds of kids and teach skills to the widows so that they can feed their children