Mini Meals for Hope Children | Help Children Stay Focused, Have More Energy & Give Back!

Mini Meals for Hope Children | Help Children Stay Focused, Have More Energy & Give Back!

Parents who send their children to Hope Learning Stations know they will receive learning and enrichment opportunities. The children we receive at Hope Stations often suffer from hunger and malnutrition, which is a severe disadvantage to learning and development. They need good nutrition to build a strong body, stay focused in class, and have more energy to give back to their peers and elders.

Each Hope child receives protein-rich mini-meals (1kg of chickpeas or pulses monthly) to take home, which is vital to their brain development. No gift is too small to make a difference in satiating hunger for nutrition and love. Every single meal is a blessing that eases physical and psychological pain.

Read how our children benefit from protein-rich mini-meals and how they can connect, focus, learn, and serve more.

Aditya Joshi | My Health Has Improved

Aditya Joshi is a student of Hope Learning Station Kosir. He belongs to a low-income family. His family has 5 members: His parents, one grandmother, and his brother. They live in a small house in the village. His parents go to another state to work as laborers; hence, he stays with his grandmother in the house. His parents come home only during the rainy season, which is the only time they are all together. As soon as the rainy season ends, his parents and younger brother move to another state in search of work. Aditya’s parents try to send him and his grandmother money to sustain their life in the village. However, sometimes it also happens that his father is unable to send money, and at that time, Mini-Meals given at the center are the only support they have, or else they would have to ask for meals from others.

Aditya and his grandmother are glad they receive chickpeas each month from the Tripura Foundation. Aditya’s grandmother soaks the chickpeas in the water every night, and both eat the soaked chickpeas in the morning on empty stomachs. These soaked pulses provide them with the necessary nutrition and give them the required energy for the day. Also, when there are no vegetables or anything in the house to eat, Aditya’s grandmother prepares curry or sabzi from these provided chickpeas, and both of them eat it with rice. These chickpeas are essential to Aditya’s family during the rainy season as his parents don’t find any work during this time. At such times, these chickpeas play an essential role in providing healthy meals to Aditya’s family and helping them maintain their health. As a result, their overall health has improved because of the pulses they receive each month.

Aditya said there had been improvement in his health since he started receiving the chickpeas and eating them every day. He hardly falls sick now. He and his family are very grateful to the Tripura Foundation for giving them the chickpeas and looking after their health and nutrition needs. They also thanked Founder Babaji and Mohini Ma’am for all the support.

Rakhi Patle | Rakhi & Her Family Are Happy And Grateful

Rakhi is a girl from a low-income family. She studies in class 8th, and she goes to the Government school. Rakhi is good at studies, but her financial situation is not so good. And understanding her family situation, she never stays absent for the class at the hope learning center. Rakhi’s parents earn their livelihood by doing labor work. They work as laborers in nearby villages and look after all the expenses. Rakhi lives with her parents and two siblings in the house. Being a daily wage laborer, her parents face lots of financial stress and struggle to manage all the expenses.

But through mini-meal distribution, Rakhi and her family benefit a lot. Getting monthly chickpeas eases some stress of her parents. Her mother cooks healthy and tasty meals with various pulses and chickpeas. They use these chickpeas to prepare, Bhaji, curry, Dry sabzi, and Kichdi. Also, Rakhi’s mother prepares healthy laddu from the chickpeas that Rakhi and her siblings eat with happiness. So these chickpeas keep everyone in Rakhi’s family happy and healthy.

Rakhi and her family are happy because of the invaluable support they get through chickpeas distribution each month. They are thankful to Babaji, Mohini Ma’am, and Tripura Foundation India from their heart.

Surya Thakur | Thank You For Keeping Us From Hunger

Surya studies in class 8th at Government High School Sahura, Himachal Pradesh. He is 12 years old and comes to Hope Station classes every day.  He belongs to a low-income family. He has a family of six members. He has three elder sisters, out of which one is married, and two are still studying. His grandmother also lives with them. Surya’s parents work as daily wage laborers; whatever they earn with this money, they run their house and look after all the expenses. However, being daily wage workers, sometimes they fail to find work, making it challenging to buy necessary groceries. So even when there comes a day wherein no food is available at home, they eat whatever they have from the previous day or ask for groceries from others.

But since Surya joined Hope Station classes, monthly chickpeas have been provided to him, which has helped his family cook healthy food daily. Surya’s mother eagerly waits for the 1kg of chickpeas every month as it feeds her family. Different pulses help them eat various dishes each month. Surya’s mother prepares dal or curry from these pulses. When given chickpeas, she soaks them overnight in water and offers everyone to eat in the morning as breakfast. Surya’s family also eats these pulses in the form of delicious and healthy sabzi.

The monthly Mini-Meals distribution is helping Surya and his family a lot. When there is nothing at home, these chickpeas are the only source of their meals. Mini-Meals has enabled them to be physically fit and helped them manage their expenses. Surya and his family are very happy and glad to receive chickpeas each month; hence, they are thankful to Babaji, Mohini Ma’am, and Hope Learning Centers for their support and love.

See Your Life Blossom With Monthly Sponsorship

For every dollar you give, one child is provided mini meals for the month. So, for example, $40 each month will feed 40 children at one Hope Station, or $10 each month will feed ten children.

Your monthly gift of Hope means you join a group of like-minded sponsors, receive monthly reports sharing the impact of your love with Hope children, and see the benefits of sharing compassion with others in all areas of your life.

A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated and truly helps create HoPE – Heaven on Planet Earth. 

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