From Stress and Sadness to Hope and Happiness

From Stress and Sadness to Hope and Happiness


Srividhya comes from a family that lives in the outskirts of the village Nachiyarkoyil, Kumbakonam, India.  She is the sixth child, with two elder brothers, three elder sisters, and a younger brother and a younger sister.

Her father is paralyzed, and the only wage-earning member of Srividhya’s large family is her mother, who works as a maid in various neighborhood houses. The small amount her mother earns is nowhere near enough to her family’s daily needs.

When asked about her family, Srividhya said, “My eldest brother works in Thirupur.  Two of my elder sisters are married. One works in Thirupur along with my brother. I study in 8th grade at a local government school and my younger siblings study there too.”

“Since my mother cannot take care of us all, she sold me to another family where I work as a maid.  Every day I wake up at 4:30 AM and do all the household chores, cook and clean. I have to finish my work before going to school at 9:30 AM. My daily routine continues doing the work from morning until late night when I go to bed.”

“The family whom I stay with speaks harsh words at times. At those times I desperately wish I was with my mother.  I can understand that she had no other way than to send me for a better life of my own, but still I feel sad at times being alone and away from my family.”

“I had so much stress built up inside me from doing so much work, but ever since I started at the Hope Learning Center, it has not only become an added joy in my miserable life, but also an outlet from all my stress. My friends make me forget all my worries back home and I feel at peace. Doing Yoga and Phonemic Intelligence has greatly helped improve concentration.”

“I am very grateful to Tripura Foundation and my sponsors for providing daily snacks because I don’t have much to eat other than the leftovers the family gives me. I am also thankful for the opportunity to improve myself  by learning at the Hope Learning Center. I now have decided what I want for myself. I want to become responsible and lessen my mother’s burden by taking care of my family when I grow up.”

“I am also grateful for new friends who support me through my desperate times and teachers who encourage me not to give up. Above all, am very grateful that there is hope that I can lead a better life if I am determined to work for it”.

What a strong, beautiful, hardworking girl.  Because of Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Centers, Srividhya now has Hope and happiness in her life, where she had nothing but stress and sadness before.

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