The ‘PI’ Phenomena is Spreading Through South India!

HoPE Center Children Practicing Phonemic Intelligence/ PI

‘PI’ or Phonemic Intelligence (formerly known as MST or Mind-Sound Technology) is what Dr. Baskaran Pillai, the founder of Tripura Foundation, calls the core of his Revolutionary Educational Program.  This program utilizes sounds to ‘upgrade’ the mind, body and spirit as it cultivates intelligence and maximizes concentration. Bottom line, PI builds HoPE!

The phenomena that is happening in South India, is how quickly our HoPE Centers have become the buzz – not only in the communities that host them, but surrounding communities that have witnessed the almost miraculous transformation of their neighbours.  Many of these remote villages are communities of “untouchables” and considered the lowest of the low, useless and left to suffer daily humiliations and indignities.

Children who have enrolled have become the superstars of their villages. This is truly a way to help the poor and a solution to poverty. Teachers and mothers have become the champions for the future.  All who have seen the transformation are pleading for a HoPE Center in their community.  HoPE is accepted and HoPE has been embraced.   Everybody Needs HoPE.  Everybody WANTS HoPE!

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