Ruchita: Serving in the Present Brings Hope for the Future

Ruchita: Serving in the Present Brings Hope for the Future

6th-grade student Ruchita Mulik of the Hope Learning Station in Maharashtra is a very kind, honest, and caring girl. Her personal goals and dreams are very much aligned with Tripura Foundation’s founder’s mission, that service brings Hope for the future.

Ruchita’s Family Background

Ruchita has an elder sister and a younger sister. Her mother is a homemaker and her father, the sole provider of the family, is a laborer on a construction site. As a single-earning member of the family, it’s sometimes difficult for Ruchita’s father to fulfill all three daughters’ necessities, especially now as they are growing up.

Because of these circumstances, Ruchita has learned the importance and value of money at such a tender age. Therefore, Ruchita started saving a small amount of money given to her by her father and relatives in her piggy bank. Her motivation to save money is to help her support her future and her sisters and parents should they need it.

Ruchita smiling looking at her piggy bank. Ruchita with her Hope Learning Station teacher. Ruchita dressed in beautiful clothes.

Ruchita’s Humble Donation

Recently, she donated her savings towards the construction of the Sri Ram temple located in his birthplace Ayodhya. She felt that her humble donation to this temple is a statement of her loyalty to God and her country. She believes that serving in the present brings hope for the future.

Ruchita says,

“I learned the value of money at a very young age because we cannot demand our parents for fancy things. I know whatever they are doing for me, and my sisters are more than enough; I will study so hard that I can fulfill all the desires of my parents.”

Donating a stored amount from her piggy bank was no ordinary thing for a young person to do, especially when it took a lot of effort to save a minimal amount. But Ruchita says that she has got an opportunity to serve her nation as Ram Mandir is such a vast national initiative, and she is proud of it.

Hope Learning Stations Supporting Ruchita’s Dreams

Ruchita says that she had this habit of helping others from the beginning. But the lessons she has learned at the Hope Learning Station have enabled her to understand the true meaning of the word “service”. Ruchita has especially learned to serve others and look at every situation in life positively. She says that in the future, whenever she will get a chance to help anyone, she will never hesitate and always be ready.

Ruchita’s teacher at Hope Learning Station says,

“I am very proud to be Ruchita’s teacher, the work she did requires a big heart, and everyone is praising her for such great work she did for a national cause. She got this motivation through the HLS classes as we teach them to practically use the life skills they learned through the PTP lessons. I feel that each one of us should cultivate such behavior within us so that the world will be full of love and care.”

Ruchita dreams of becoming a nurse to serve the people by providing them the care they need and leaving a positive mark on someone’s life daily by showing comfort, compassion, and caring towards society.

Be the Sponsor to a Hope Child:

If Ruchita’s story has touched your heart, we invite you to also participate in service by sponsoring Ruchita’s Hope Learning Station in Maharashtra. She and other children will be delighted to know that others believe in her dreams.

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