Rajinder Kaur: Caring for Hope Children During The Covid Pandemic

Rajinder Kaur: Caring for Hope Children During The Covid Pandemic

Rajinder Kaur is a new staff added to the Hope Learning Station(HLS) in Chak Khere Wala, Punjab. As a community member of the village, she believes that it is her responsibility to support the villagers in every little way.

Spreading Hope in Rajinder’s Village

The imposition of the lockdown in the village impacted the children’s studies severely since there was no means for them to obtain academic support. At such a time, Rajinder took matters into her own hands and provided the Hope children with classes.

“I consider all these children at HLS as my children, they are my responsibility, and I will put my best efforts to enhance the quality of their lives through providing HLS classes during this difficult time,” says Rajinder.

Rajinder helps the children in every possible way she can. She passionately teaches a range of academic topics, character development, and a host of other components. Rajinder tries to teach the lessons by providing the children with simple examples that are relatable to them. She makes the classes more lively and interactive by carrying out classroom experiments and fun activities. Children participate with full interest and enthusiasm.

Rajinder Kaur at the HLS

Rajinder is a Proud Teacher

Rajinder’s efforts have resulted in immense positive changes in the students’ lives because they lacked knowledge and basic life skills. She taught the children about personal hygiene, time management, and how to live a positive life. Today, Rajinder can proudly say that the children have learned these important skills and have made positive personal transformations inside and out. For some children, their personal appearances have improved, most of all now have a more positive outlook on life.

Phonemic Intelligence Helping Students to Transform

Rajinder believes that Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence technique and program at the HLS has played a dynamic role in changing children’s lives. The children are improving in their studies and have now become a better version of themselves each day.

Sharing Hope in The Community

Rajinder has a great wish to help the children in her village and the children living in nearby villages. When she convinced her own HLS children of the importance of hygiene and self-care, she felt a need for the families living in the nearby villages to gain the same knowledge.

Motivated by this crucial need during the COVID-19 crisis, she took the step to raise awareness among the children’s families about the COVID-19. Explaining to them how to maintain all the safety requirements. When the lockdown was lifted, she managed to visit the neighboring villages. Educated them on the precautions they needed to take to stay safe and healthy to prevent the spread.

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Tripura Foundation salutes Rajinder Kaur for her selfless efforts surrounding the safety, care, and education of children and their families during this time of great difficulty.

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