Mrs. Subha Natarajan- Volunteer Conversational English and Computer Teacher at Girlstown

This lovely lady lives near Girlstown in Chennai (Madambakkam) and does volunteer teaching of spoken English and computer basics for our girls.

Her husband is a banker  and her daughter is in 12th standard which is a very critical year in a young student’s life as the important grades are needed in order to be accepted into the higher learning facility of her choice.  Mrs. Natarajan tutors her daughter and also makes time every week to come to Girlstown and spend time with our girls.

At 43, she is now somewhat retired from the salaried work force.  She takes care of her in-laws who live with them after spending 5 years teaching English and Computer Applications at various matriculation schools in and around Chennai.

She has her BComm  and completed her post graduate diploma in Computer Applications.  She is an English major through correspondence from a major Chennai college.

The girls have improved in their English conversation skills incredibly since Mrs Natarajan has been in their lives.  Her loving support and encouragement have given the girls the necessary to speak confidently to the English staff and volunteers of Tripura.